Fractions Math Test

Wednesday, May 8th Math Test - Adding and Subtracting fractions
Like Denominators

Unlike Denominators

Fraction Story Problems -Elyse practice these problems!

Identifying Fractions

Simplest Form

Greatest Common Factor (GCF)

Write fraction as a decimal

Mixed Numbers

Write the fraction

Look at the samples created. Use large numbers.
practice writing problems such as 2รท5 as fractions 2/5

taking improper fraction 45/6 and making them proper 7 3/6 = 7 1/2
taking mixed numbers and writing them as improper fractions

reading decimals and then make a fraction
.56 as 56 hundredths and then writing it as a fraction 56/100 and then simplify 38/50 = 19/25
.7 = 7 tenths = 7/10 (final form)

I'm not sure how they will be written as story problems