Problem Solving
  • I did a survey of my fourth grade class. This is what the graph looked like. (sample picture with no labels) What might the survey be about?
  • This is a graph about a fourth grade class. What is is about? Hpw many children might there be in the class?
  • This graph shows the proportions of children in a class who prefer particular shows. (TV show) How many children might be in the clss and how many prefer each show? Present data in a different way.
  • This is a graph of how hungry you are. What time of day might be represented by the graph?
- relate points on the graph to appropriate times of day? They might like to discuss what the graph would look like near meal times, and before and after meal times.
  • These are the results of a survery (Table w tally marks) What might the survey be about?
  • A graph showed that among a class of children the most popular footwear was sneakers. The next ost popular was boots. The next was sandles and the least popular was things. What might the graph look like?
  • In a survey pf this class exactly half the children said, "yes" and half said, "no" what might the survey be about?