Georgia Lessons
Unit 5
  • Decimal Fraction number Line
  • Dismissal Duty Dilemma
  • Expanding Decimals with Money
  • Double Number Line Decimals
  • Money Exchange
  • Trash Can Basketball
  • Calculator Decimal Counting
  • Meter of Beads
  • Measuring Up
  • Decimal Line Up
  • In the Paper
  • Planning a 5K
  • Taxi Trouble
  • Cell Phone Plans

Teacher Notes
Decimal comparisons, like fraction comparisons, are only valid if the whole is the same size. There are multiple ways to compare decimals (place value positions, visual models, estimation) just as there are multiple ways to compare whole numbers.

Students may think that a decimal is the decimal point rather than a number. Students need to understand that the decimal point is a symbol that indicates the location of the ones place and all other subsequent place values in the decimal system. The decimal point separates the whole number amount from a number that is less than one.
Student Knowledge Goals
I know how to read and write decimals through the hundredths.
I know comparisons are valid when the two decimals refer to the same whole.
I can compare two decimals by reasoning about their size.
I can justify conclusions about the comparison of decimals using visual models and other methods.
I can relate a decimal to a whole number.
I can use what I know about fractions to help me compare decimals.


comparison symbols (<, >, =)




visual models for decimals (grid paper, number line, base ten blocks etc.)


__Engage NY Module 6 C-9__ – Use the place value chart and metric measurement to compare decimals and answer comparison questions.

__Engage NY Module 6 C-10__ – Use area models and the number line to compare decimal numbers, and record comparisons using <, >, and =.

__Engage NY Module 6 C-11__ – Compare and order mixed numbers in various forms.

__Engage NY Module 6 D-12__ – Apply understanding of fraction equivalence to add tenths and hundredths.

__Engage NY Module 6 D-13__ – Add decimal numbers by converting to fraction form.
Student Video Lessons

__Learn Zillion__ – Compare two decimals to hundredths by reasoning about their size

__Virtual Nerd__ – Comparing decimals

__Study Jams__ – Comparing decimals on a number line
Online Problems and Assessments

__Khan Academy__ – Questions and Video Lessons

Compare money amounts

Compare decimals on number lines

Compare decimal numbers

Put decimal numbers in order

Put tricky decimals in order

Compare fractions and decimals on number lines
Online Games

__Comparing Decimals__

__Comparing Decimals__

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