Problem Solving
  • Madeleine threw two dice and when they landed she subtracted one number from the other and wrote down the answer 1. What might the numbers on each have been?
  • In a bag there are some tiles. I draw out one time and it is red. I put it back and draw again. This time the tile i blue. I put it back. After ten draws, I have drawn out three red and seven blue. How many tiles might there be in the bag and how many mgiht be blue?
- there might be ANY number of tile. the proportions do not hav to be 3 to 7 but probably have more blue.
  • My brother was complaining that is always rained on his birthday and spoiled the activities that had been planned. When might hsi birthday be? (justify answer)
  • My older sister was talking to dad and asked him a question. His reply was, "It is more likely than unlikely." What might the question be?
  • Design a board game where it is easier for you to win than your opponent.