7 is in the hundreds place value

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The 3 is in the ones place. The 1 is in the 1 billions place. The 0 is in the 10 millions place value

Yes you got it right! Great work Alyssa...especially since we did it together ;o) !
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The 5 is in the hundred billions place value.
Great math thinking Alyssa!!

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the 3 is in the hundred millions place.

Ok Alyssa, you have two 3s in this problem and I like how you underlined which three you were addressing!! Unfortunately it is not in the hundred millions spot. You have it partially correct...it is in the hundreds spot. However it comes after the first comma that you placed from right to left.
Try again! By the way....Love the smiles! :o)

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AWESOME!!! You nailed this one and it was a super large number. Congrats